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Butterfly Sun Catchers
I also call these "see-thrus," because you can see through them, but the name "sun catcher" is more meaningful to most people.  The butterflies are very lifelike and most are life size.  For the best effect, display your sun catcher in front of a window or in a place where sun or other light can shine through.  They glow in the morning light when the sun is just coming up.  The frame is metal, either black or chrome.  The image size is 4 x 6 horizontal or 6 x 4 vertical.  The height of the horizontal sun catcher is about 6 inches.  The height of the vertical sun catcher is about 9 inches.  Click the thumbnail for a larger image. 

Item SC## - Tabletop Suncatchers are $15.95 each.  To order on-line using PayPal, click on "Add to Cart."   Shipping charges will be calculated by PayPal.  State whether you want a black or chrome frame in the Special Instructions box in the shopping cart.  To order by mail using check or money order, please go to the order form. 

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SC-Variegated Fritillary.JPG (62816 bytes)

SC-swallowtail.JPG (60198 bytes)

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Blue Morpho  - SC-1
Fritillary - SC-2
Giant Swallowtail-SC-3
Orange Longwing-SC-4

sch-paper kite black.JPG (37472 bytes)

sch-zebra longwing.JPG (37372 bytes)

sch-green peacock.JPG (38909 bytes)

sch-great mormon.JPG (39092 bytes)

Paper Kite - SC-5
Zebra Longwing  - SC-6
Green Peacock - SC-7
Great Mormon - SC-8

sch-longwing landing.jpg (28568 bytes)

sch-clipper.JPG (35204 bytes)

scv-doris longwing.JPG (28288 bytes)

scv-monarch.JPG (29665 bytes)

Longwing Horiz - SC-9
Clipper - SC-10
Sara Longwing -SC-11 
Monarch - SC-12

scv-redrim vertical.JPG (24596 bytes)

sc-orange longwing vertical side.JPG (28916 bytes)

scv-sara longwing vertical.JPG (24290 bytes)

scv-longwing chrome.JPG (24192 bytes)

Redrim  - SC-13

Orange Longwing-SC-14 

Sara Longwing - SC-15
Longwing - SC-16

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